The truth about the Khazar Khaganate - Портал Схиигу́мена Се́ргия (Романова)

Sermon by schema-Abbot Sergius Romanov (July 30, 2019)

The truth about the Khazar Khaganate

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit! Amen!
Modern humanity has always faced the question-what secret force does not give peace and quiet to all peoples, organizes wars, revolutions, sows chaos, hunger, undermines the moral foundations of all states, sows the seeds of debauchery throughout the world. This is the power that the Apostle Paul called secret iniquity.

We will try to give information that removes the veil from this mystery. To begin with, I will read you a memo from a delegate to the Moscow Congress of Zionists from 1988. It contains the following lines: “To continue mixing races under the guise of internationalism, under the guise of fighting chauvinism and nationalism, to destroy everything national.

Allow the spread of Slavic paganism, declare the religion of the people, do not give the Goyim (ie, not Jews) in the passport to leave the column of nationality. To prevent the establishment of the status of the indigenous Russian population and other heresies for the revival of the nation and culture. Russian should be poor and disenfranchised!

Uncultured cattle, inactive and obese pigs should be turned into Goyim by slave food and methods of its use. Destroy the Goyim with controlled medicine and abortion. The international government categorically does not accept the creation of Slavic families. It is necessary to mix a large number of Slavic girls with other nations.

Do not allow the establishment of any benefits and rewards for the birth of children from beautiful Slavic married couples. Use sex only for the confusion of young people. The spread of sexual depravity, an increase in conflicts and divorces, and in total to reduce the number of Goyim. Education for the Goyim should prepare moral freaks»

What is Zionism? Zionism (from the name of Mount Zion in Jerusalem) is a political movement that aims to revive and unite the Jewish people in their historical homeland, Israel. Let’s find out who the Jews are and where is the historical homeland for most of them?

Rabbinic tradition holds that all modern Jews are descended either from the Levites, or from a lineage within that tribe (the priests of the Cohen), or from the tribe of Judah. The ancestors of all modern Jews are the Pharisees. So, let’s consider the Jewish authorities themselves.

But there were, and whether modern Jews are the ethnic descendants of the Palestinian Jews Semite? Here is a secret that the Jews hide from modern peoples. The idea that there is a single Jewish people is nothing more than a myth. Yes, there is a very small part of them, about 4% of the Jews themselves, who are called Sephardim.

These are mainly descendants of the tribe of Dan. But the vast majority are the so-called Ashkenazi Jews, who are not related by blood to the Palestinian Jews and are descended from the Turkic tribes that inhabited the Khazar Khaganate from the VII-X century. The state of the Scythians was called Ishkuza.

As the famous Khazar Khaganate, it is a state that existed from the middle of the VII to the X century. Ethnic Khazaria is inhabited mainly by Turks, the head of state was the Kagan. At the beginning of the eighth century, Khazaria included the Northern Caucasus, the Azov Sea, most of the Crimea and the steppe territories up to the Dnieper.

The capital of Khazaria is Semender, which is located on the territory of modern Dagestan, and since the beginning of the VII century-Itil. This city was founded at the mouth of the Volga, where it flows into the Caspian Sea. In order to control the movement of the riverinfor the purpose of collecting tribute. In the late seventh and early ninth centuries, judaism was adopted by the majority of the Turkic nobility and became the state religion.

After the civil war, according to Lev Gumilev, Khazaria changed its appearance. From a systemic integrity, it turned into an unnatural existence of a supporting mass of subjects with a ruling class alien to the people by blood and religion.

This unnatural artificial combination of heterogeneity led to the formation, in the words of Gumilev, of a chimera state, in which a head consisting of representatives of another people sits on the body of other people. It is known that in ancient Greek mythology, a “chimera” is a monster with the head and neck of a lion, the body of a goat and the tail of a dragon.

As a result, Khazaria became essentially an anti-State entity. If at the dawn of the formation of the Khazar Khaganate in the VIII century, its founder, Khan Ashina, was guided by the policy and interests of his subjects and the state, then the Jewish kings did not set such goals for themselves. They suppressed the internal enemies of Judaism, not the Khazars.

In his book “Ancient Russia and the Great Steppe” Lev Gumilev writes: “The Turkic khan of the Ashin dynasty, with the religious tolerance and complacency characteristic of the steppe people, believed that their power would acquire hard-working and intelligent subjects who could be used for diplomatic and economic assignments.

Rich Jews brought luxurious gifts to the Khazar khans, and beautiful Jewish women replenished the khan’s harems. This is how the Jewish-Khazar chimera developed. The chimera lives on the energy of the disintegration of the ethnic state, social and spiritual.

The Khazars and Khazars-Jews, being an example of the classical chimera, were very warlike and were in a constant state of war, fighting against the Byzantine Empire, Kievan Rus, the Arab Caliphate and Sananite Iran. Many historians write that the militancy and ruthlessness of the Khazars in the war had no limit.

This was also due to the fact that when the Beth king of the Jews, who was also the commander of the troops, sent them to war, they had no right to retreat. If they were defeated, he killed everyone who returned to him. The execution was brutal. Sometimes he cut them in half, sometimes he hung them on trees, sometimes he crucified them on the cross.

War among the Khazars has become their way of life, has become a daily, continuous main occupation. As historians write, in addition to mediation and usury, the slave trade was the colossal and main source of income for the khaganate throughout history.

Regular raids on neighboring lands, mainly Slavic, gave the Khazars a large number of slaves, which were sold all over the world. According to the medieval traveler Ibrahim ibn Ya’qub, the Jews extracted from the Slavic countries not only furs and horses, but also mainly prisoners of war, for sale as slaves, as well as young men, girls and children.

Khazaria really was a cunning and parasitic state, exterminating the population of Slavic tribes, ruining raids on all the Southern regions of Russia and striving for expansion further to the north. The second source of wealth is the transit trade in luxury goods (silk, spices and gold), the tax from which was deposited in the treasury.

Oleg Platonov describes Khazaria as follows: “Under the influence of the Jewish religion, the Khazar Khaganate turned into a military-robber and trade-parasitic state, engaged in collecting predatory tribute, mediation and trade, collecting from merchants, more like a modern racket. Trade in Khazaria was exclusively in the hands of the Jews.

The Khazars were assimilated to the Jews, began to claim the status of the chosen people and were determined to strengthen their superiority as a world power and absolute hegemon in the Caucas region. These plans were not allowed to be realized by Prince Svyatoslav the Brave, who in 964-967 defeated the Kagan and his army. After that, Khazaria fell into decline and at the beginning of the XI century completely disappeared!

Assessing this victory, Makarov writes that Prince Svyatoslav last wave of the Slavs-Russian heroic sword as it outlined the borders of Russia and warned the true aspirations of the Slavs in unity and friendship with other nations in the fight against world evil!

His heirs and successors had only to correct something, add to this wonderful and unprecedented plan, so that the great Russia would appear in all its power and splendor to the astonished world! The task of posterity is to preserve and increase the great strength and prosperity of the Russian state, its worldwide importance in establishing a highly moral and just society, with its enormous efforts to protect God’s truth.

Andrew Winter, himself a Jew by nationality, in an interview given in March 2008, spoke no longer about two, but about three groups that unite in one word – Jews. Jews cannot be considered a race, because since the time of Jewry they have three ethnically different groups – Ashkenazi, Sephardic and Eastern Jews.

The largest ethnic group (90%) – European Jews, or Ashkenazis, are descendants of ethnic Kazakh Turks. The second largest group is 8 % – Afro-Iberian Sephardim, who are also not Semites. They are descendants of the North African Berger tribe, who converted to Judaism in the third century AD.

And only 2% of modern Jews are Eastern Jews who have a truly Israeli Semitic origin. In other words, modern Jews are genetically different from each other. Therefore, the factor of race cannot be applied to the definition of Jewishness, otherwise one might just as well call it the race of Catholics.

Benjamin Friedman, himself a Jew by nationality, in his work “The Truth about the Khazars” argues that the so-called ethnic Jews of Eastern Europe were never Semites, are not Semites now and cannot be considered as Jews in the future.

Then he asks the question: “Perhaps you can explain to me the reason why the history of the Khazars and the Khazar Khaganate has been so carefully hidden from the world for many centuries?

What mysterious and mystical force has been able to prevent the history of the Khazars and the Khazar Khaganate from entering the history books and the school curriculum on this subject for countless generations around the world?”

The history of the Khazars and the Khazar Khaganate is certainly confirmed by irrefutable historical facts. This story was one of the most closely guarded historical secrets.

Another proof that Ashkenazi Jews are not hereditary Jews – it is their language of Yiddish. The Khazar language was Yiddish, a mixture of Hebrew, German,and Slavic. At the same time, Yiddish differs from ancient Hebrew so much that you can talk about two different languages.

According to Friedman, approximately 90 % of the so-called Jews living in 42 countries of the world are migrants from Eastern Europe in different generations and speak Yiddish, not Hebrew. Koestler, relying on numerous and convincing evidence, comes to the following conclusion.

Most Jews living in Europe, North and South America are genetically related to the tribes of the Turks and Huns, and not to the seed of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And for this reason, they have nothing to do with biblical Palestine. But what became of the real Semitic Jews?

It is known from history that most of their settlements in Western Europe were destroyed by the Crusaders, and the Jewish communities living there were destroyed or dispersed. The long and tragic history of Semitic Jews has led, as Walt Book (Encyclopedia 2001) writes, to the fact that it is now almost impossible to identify an ethnic Jew.

Jewish identity is a mixture of religious, historical, and ethnic facts. Those who can really claim a genealogical connection with Abraham-the true Semitic origin will cease to exist as a cherished race, having been displaced by the white Khazars from Transcaucasia, none of whose ancestors, as Benjamin Friedman put it, never set foot on the land of Palestine.

This is a far – fetched problem-the return of Jews to their so-called native land. The question is brewing – how can someone go back to a place they’ve never been? After Khazaria, along with Semitic Jews, there were Khazar Ashkenazi Jews, whose number at the end of 1960, according to Koestler, was 12 million.

At that time, there were only 500 thousand Semitic Jews. It is, as Koestler concludes, logically makes the epithet “anti-Semitism is” devoid of any sense. By the way, the term “anti-Semitism” is used to refer exclusively to Jews, although there are other Semitic peoples.

For example, Arabs, as the study shows, are much more Semitic genetically than modern Jews. Koestler concludes: “The idea of a national Jewish identity is an illusion created by history that does not exist.

The Jew Bernard Lazard wrote a book “Anti-Semitism”, about the history and causes of this phenomenon. It contains these lines: “I am a Jew, and therefore a destroyer and a parasite. As such, the Jew attacks all peoples who refuse him hospitality and directs all his efforts to disorganize them in every way he can.

When Christianity opened the door to him again at the end of the Middle Ages, the Jew created Protestantism. When Protestantism, as it seemed to him, began to come out in a certain order and become less fanatical, then the Jew organized Freemasonry.

When the King of France gave the Jew rights, he took off the king’s head in gratitude for equality. The French nation joined the great doctrine of its King against the Jews. The Jew responded by destroying everything that constitutes the essence of the nation. Europe, in imitation of France, treated the Jew with the same generosity.

Then the Jew began to siphon money from all over Europe and sow a social revolution in all peoples. France finally imagined that the Jew could be disarmed, entrusted with his wealth, government, popular education, magistracy, army, trade, even popular entertainment. The Jew responded by completely eliminating his beneficence.»

The Orthodox writer Sergei Nilus wrote about this Jewish self-denunciation of Bernard Lazare as follows: “This is a natural fateful appointment in the Jewish world for the recognition of one of the most prominent Jews. Does this mean that we want to bring on the Jews the hatred of Christians? God forbid!

For us, the modern Jew is not a scion of Judas, but only a faithful follower of Pharisaism and the wild, anti-social traditions of the Talmud. He is not a Jew, but a Juda, a sectarian Talmudist, but with all this we must always remember what the Jews once were and what they will be according to the word of the Holy Scriptures!»

Golgotha split the Jews in two – on the one hand, the disciples of the Lord and all Christians who responded to their call and formed with them one body of Christ-the Church, and on the other hand, the executioners, God-killers, on whose head the blood of the Righteous fell at their calls, condemning them to damnation as long as their resistance lasts.

Having long ago departed from the law of Moses, the Jew did not accept the Gospel, and the closer one stands to the study of Jewish reality, the more clearly he sees that this people are involved in all that is resistance to the spirit of God. Jews, wake up! What does blind election lead to?

The masterminds of this idea are Satanists! They lead you into utter darkness, into hell! Why did we devote so much time to Khazaria? Ashkenazis are not descendants of Semites by blood! They are their descendants by spiritual, blind dispensation! Blood on them and their children!

We are saying this so that every one of you who hears me will cut into your hearts-slavery in Khazaria and slavery in Russia, France and other countries has one root – international Zionism, i.e. the power of money, usury, loans, the press, free goods, pornography.

This is domination over the whole world. Russian people, we say in order that you have disappeared illusions about the future good of the world king, who will feed all people through the seal of the Antichrist, which is more cruel than in the Middle Ages, than in the Gulags, where people were fed to rats, hounded by dogs, fried on bonfires, skinned the living, buried the living in the ground, crucified on crosses.

The name of this dictatorship is the eternal Jew, the man-killer and the man-hater. The story is given so that it is not forgotten. But it has become unfortunately forgotten by us. And now we voluntarily bring back to life all the horrors, all the tragedies of humanity through the pseudo-carriers of the law of Moses and create a monstrous reality that affects the human consciousness.

Almost every citizen of the Russian Federation is wearing a noose of slavery not only through a loan and credit, but their ultimate goal is our immortal soul, which is also in the loop of Zionist arbitrariness through technological progress, digital ID, profile, biometric passports and artificial intelligence,

who give with their generous hand the same bonuses in the face of the world government. Bread or a cross? Heaven or hell? Let us remember the Church of the Lord! Watch and pray, so that you do not come into trouble. Without God, it is impossible to be saved! It’s only possible to God! Amen


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