The way to salvation is only in God - Портал Схиигу́мена Се́ргия (Романова)

Sermon of schema-Abbot Sergius (Romanov) January 20, 2020

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy spirit! Amen!
Dear fathers, brothers and sisters! St. Seraphim of Sarov said that the Jews and the Slavs are two peoples, vessels and witnesses, unbreakable arks. Because the Jews did not accept and recognize the Lord Jesus Christ, they are scattered all over the face of the earth.

But in recent times, many Jews will turn to Christ as they realize that they are the true Messiah. So, despite their great crime before God, the Jews were and are people beloved before God. The Slavs are loved by God because they retain their true faith in the Lord Jesus Christ to the end.

The promised Messiah is not an earthly King who subdues all peoples and tribes, but the Savior of the world, the God of truth and the perfect man-the Lord our God, Jesus Christ! The Messiah is not a simple man, but a God-man. The prophets wrote about the Savior long before his coming, and everything was fulfilled according to their word –

60 basic prophecies, 270 clarifications have come true about Jesus Christ. The Talmudists are descendants of the scribes and Pharisees who have been sitting on the seat of Moses ever since, forbidding Jews to read the gospel because it speaks of the Jewish Messiah. They want their people to be saved, so they do everything they can to prevent them from reaching Christ.

One Easter Saturday at the Wailing Wall, a group of Jewish youth was asked why Jews do not believe in Christ.
“Because he broke the law,” they said.

  • How did you break it? Have you read the gospel?
  • No, we’re not allowed to do that!

And in these words there was no answer to the two-thousand-year-old Jewish question: “Is Jesus the son of the blessed one?” The responsibility for such answers falls on the blind Jewish leaders who put a wall of prejudice and ignorance between Christ and the Jews, and erected a Wailing Wall before the people of the Covenant.

Two great Nations make history – the God-chosen Israelites and the Slavs loyal to Christ. It is these peoples that are God’s people. And now, if they unite in piety and recognize Christ Jesus as a true Person with Divine dignity, the Lord will grant abundance of earthly fruits, peace and prosperity for many years to come.

Let only peace and love and God be with us, and then we will find eternal life in Christ. The key to the Holy land is in the hands of Jesus Christ. The bones of Israel are moving, but the spirit is not yet in them. The morning cometh, and also the night. To be true Jews, one must believe in Christ and return from the Talmud to the Bible.

Explore the gospel to become children of Abraham and disciples of Moses. We warn you, Jews-be careful, careful with your modern spiritual drivers! Think about who you are following and where they are leading you. We do not speak for ourselves, but rely on the works of the elder Naum Baiborodin.

Let’s remember the history of Israel and some of the teachings of its spiritual mentors. Today we will talk about one of them – Akiba Ben Joseph, who is considered the most revered of all the Talmudic sages. His authority was so great that in the case of different interpretations of the law, the final decision was usually made in accordance with his opinion.

The rabbins said of Akiba that he was on a par with such prominent representatives of the Jewish people as the prophets Moses and Isaiah. The rulings and doctrines of Akiba were recognized as crucial in the study of Jewish traditions. In the broadest sense, Akiba’s philosophy has had a huge impact on the General direction of Western European thought and beyond.

His works were also published in Russia. What is the contribution of Akiba Ben Joseph to the historical destinies of the Jewish people and the world? Akiba was born around the year 50, and died around the year 132 after the birth of Christ. He was not a Jew by birth. He is a Gentile, braselet, i.e. a foreigner who converted to Judaism.

Akiba did not have any spiritual education until the age of forty, i.e. he was “am Haaretz” in Hebrew-a complete ignoramus. When in the city near… If an Academy was organized, then Akiba became his student. After completing his studies, which lasted 25 years, Akiba founded his own schools, numbering about a million sages students.

The schools created new consciousnesses in the Jewish people to replace the ancient Greek religion of Israel and in contrast to the rapidly spreading teaching of Christ among the Jews. The teaching created by Akiba Ben Joseph was radically different from the blessed teaching of the prophets of Israel.

Since the entire Jewish Academy was descended from the sages who returned from the Babylonian captivity, Babylonian mysticism and magic became the basis of the new Judaism. They introduced new ideas about the Messiah into the mind.

He had now lost his divine dignity and was expected as a simple man, a destroyer of the enemies of Israel, a worldly King who gave the Jewish people power over the whole world, as in the time of king Solomon. In the Jewish captivity of the Jews, the very concept of being chosen became Jewish exclusivity.

Instead of responding to the love of God, the Jewish teachers of the law inclined their people to the idea that the divine election testifies to the exclusivity of the Jews in relation to other peoples. Although, in reality, the chosen one consisted in the fact that the Lord God revealed to the Jewish people the secret of the existence of the world, the secret about God, the secret of Salvation.

And the people of Israel were to preserve this revelation of the Lord among the world corrupted by vices and enlighten all the peoples of the earth with the light of true knowledge of God. Chaldean thinking was the Foundation of the Pharisee sect, whose name came from the Hebrew word “special”.

The Pharisees claimed that the Bible itself gave them exclusive authority to interpret the Torah and establish new laws. They referred to the sayings of Moses: “Don’t shy away from what they say to you, either to the right or to the left”, commenting on this expression like this –

even if it seemed to you that they say that the right hand is the left hand, and that the left hand is the right hand, do not shy away! In General, the expression “do not evade” serves everywhere in the Talmud as the main basis of rabbinic authority. The Pharisees recognized the right, as teachers of the law, to interpret the mosaic law, or to change it, or to add to it.

And in some cases, even completely cancel it. The rabbis were the leaders of the Pharisee sect. They were required to afford to the extraordinary respect and reverence. The rabbis taught: “It is a much greater crime to say anything against the scribes than against the word of the law.” The Pentateuch of Moses is the true Torah.

Various innovations were gradually replaced, completely distorting the meaning of the Covenant given by Moses. These endless interpretations, which formed the content of the Talmud, placed the entire life of the Jews in unquestioning submission to the Pharisaic authority.

The actual new sages, rabbis, and Pharisees created a religious and political upheaval, depriving most of the Jewish people of the true word of God. Jewish encyclopedias note that for most Jews, the Talmud has become something of the highest authority.

Even the Bible was relegated to second place. Kabbalah (inaudible) of two spiritual worlds alien to the Babylonian captivity – the Jewish priests and the Jewish Libyans. Kabbalists themselves said that Kabbalah has its roots in the ancient traditions of the Middle East.

The mysticism of Kabbalah is the very magic for which the Jewish people were repeatedly punished by God, for witchcraft in all forms was forbidden by the law of Moses, even under the threat of death. There are many documents showing the direct ritual connection of Jewish Kabbalists with Satan.

In an effort to hide this connection from other peoples, and from most of their own people, Kabbalistic conspirators have kept their activities deeply secret. Any attempt to solve the mystery ended in immediate death for the violator using terrible blood rituals.

In Akiba schools, the traditional Jewish prayer practice was replaced with teaching techniques of meditation and communication with the world of spirits, the fallen. Akiba was initiated into the mystery of this higher science, was one of the few who entered the “Garden of Eden”. In the language of Kabbalists, “entering the Gardens of Eden” meant the highest degree of communication with the demon world, with Satan himself.

Of the four wise men who entered the Garden of Eden, one went mad, another died, and the third renounced the laws of Judea and became a Christian. Only Akiba entered in peace and went out in peace, i.e., with the world of Satan. In the Garden of Eden, Akiba, like Adam, accepted the offer of the Ancient Serpent to become a God under the guidance of Satan.

Of the two paths that the Prophet Moses wrote about (the path of life and the path of death), Akiba chose the second, i.e. the path of death, the path of being with God. Akiba, having made a Pact with Satan, became the conductor of his evil will on earth. He and his disciples helped attract many generations and many peoples to Satanism.

Akiba introduced his own systems of interpretation into the Talmud Kabbalah. Kabbalah became the soul of the Talmud. Now, through the Talmud, Kabbalists were able to openly spread the ideas of their secret Jewish teaching to all Jews and, through revealing the hidden meaning of Scripture, impose an occult anti-Christian worldview.

The new laws created and recorded in the Talmud, the Jews were obliged to obey on pain of damnation or even death. The Talmud became a wall that separated the Jews from the rest of the world. Akiba organized the secret Church of Satan, and in his many books put Satan in the place of God.

In 1967, the satanic Church, which had been operating underground for many centuries, was officially recognized by the state authorities of America. And in March 1970, the Church of Satan was accepted into the national Council of Churches of the United States, and now can act as an official religion.

The head of the legal Church of Satan, Antonio LaVey, as well as the false prophet Akiba, considered it their main mission to destroy Christianity. During each black mass, Satanists proclaim “death to Christianity” and recite curses composed by Akiba against Jesus Christ.

From the society of the Pharisees, Akiba organized the order, thus beginning Freemasonry, which has the same motto as the Church of Satan-death to Christianity! Akiba and his followers were to lead the spiritual life of all peoples, especially the Jewish people, on the wrong path-from God to the devil, and replace the truth with lies and human fictions.

And since the truth is contained in ordinary books of the Bible, Akiba subjected them to revision, i.e., began to introduce lies into them! Akiba, having seen the” light ” from Lucifer, fancied himself entitled to compose a New Scripture, just as Moses wrote the Torah.

The teacher himself began editing the text of Scripture and finished it with thousands of his students. Akiba and his disciples spread false opinions among the Jewish people that the Septuagint, i.e. the first translation of the old Testament into ancient Greek, was mistaken due to an incorrect translation. This was clearly a lie.

The fact is that in the third century before Christ, the Egyptian king Ptolemy II Philadelphus, asked the Israeli priest Ileazar to translate the old Testament into ancient Greek. 72 God-wise elders of Israel, 6 from each tribe, worked on this translation. They were selected and called to the king in Egypt.

The resulting translation was read aloud before a meeting of the Jews of Alexandria and recognized as an exact copy of the Hebrew text. However, Akiba energetically set about correcting the Jewish books in order to eradicate the true faith of Moses from the children of Israel and introduce the denial of Jesus Christ, the true Messiah, into the collective consciousness of the Jewish people.

For this purpose, Akiba created a whole school of Mosaret, which, under the guise of rewriting Biblical scrolls, carefully distorted the sacred text. So back to the tenth century there is a new edited Bible Kosaretsky. Ancient Scriptures revered by Jews as the great Shrine, and relied on the testimony of the people in the Holy of skin, and later in the Temple in Jerusalem.

They were carefully supervised by pious and sacred individuals and entire societies. They were carefully studied, recognized as the book of the Lord, and no one considered themselves entitled to add or subtract anything from the sacred text. Akiba and his disciples Masareti abandoned the Holy traditions of their ancestors.

All manuscripts, according to the ancient Septuagint, from the Hebrew intact texts of the Bible were withdrawn as erroneous from use and destroyed! Akiba’s reference manuscript was recognized as the main one, and all new lists were made only from It.

In the future, no book of Holy Scripture could be given to the Synagogue without 12 scribes checking it by letter with the available texts. At the insidious plan of Akiba even the Romans provided valuable Macereto. Bribed by Jewish sages, the Romans burned manuscripts of the Holy Scriptures wherever they found them among the Jews.

In the book of Genesis, Akiba corrected the true Hebrew chronology, since many prophecies predicted the exact time of the Messiah’s coming to the world. The distortion of the biblical chronologies was carried out by shortening the years of the Patriarch’s life. In total, Akiba deleted 1,748 years from the Holy Scriptures.

Due to such changes made to the text of Scripture, the famous Daniel’s Weeks, which tell the time of the coming of the Messiah with accuracy to the year and completely expired by the time of the birth of Christ, have lost their meaning. According to Kabbalah, the world will exist for 6 thousand years.

With his fraudulent calendar adjustment, Akiba distorted the prophet’s predictions about the time of the coming of the true Messiah and put the appearance of the false Messiah, i.e. the Antichrist, in the Kabbalistic framework. Akiba and his disciples distorted the most important prophecies of the Bible. Thus, in the prophecy of Isaiah, ” behold, the virgin will take into her womb and bear a son.”

The masarets began to translate the Hebrew word “Alma” as “young woman” rather than “maiden”. 72 interpreters, learned Jews, who are well versed in the Hebrew language, testified in their translation that “Alma” in Isaiah means “virgin”. The birth of Jesus Christ by the Virgin Mary was the great sign of the Savior’s coming to the world – the fulfillment of the prophecy of Isaiah.

After the prophecies made by Akiba and the maserets, it came not only to distortions, but also to the complete destruction of the meaning of the divine nature of the Messiah, his sufferings on the cross, resurrection, and redemption of mankind. Akiba arbitrarily changed the Canon of the books of Holy Scripture, which includes 50 Bible books.

As a result, Akiba established a list consisting of only 39 books. He rejected the eleven books of the Bible as inconsistent with his idea of Moshiach, and which might shed light on the distortions he had made in the chronology of the Bible.

Three McCave’s books, Tobit, Udith, Wisdom of Solomon, three books of Ezra, the book of the prophet Varaha, the Message of Jeremiah, the Book of wisdom of Jesus the son of Sirach was recognized as apocryphal, i.e., not consecrated. These Bible books have been preserved only by Christians.

Jewish encyclopedias explain that Akiba’s dislike of the Apocrypha was mainly based on His desire to disarm Christians, and mainly Jewish Christians, who drew from the Apocrypha their evidence of the advantages of Christian teaching.

Books excluded from The Bible Canon have been declared harmful to read and even cause trouble for those who bring them into their homes. In our time, the ancient true text of the Holy Scriptures has been preserved only in three reliable sources-in the Septuanite first, i.e. in the first Greek translation.

The second is in the Slavic Bible, i.e. in the translation of the Septuagint into Slavic, made in the IX century thanks to the works of the Holy equal-to-the-apostles enlighteners of the Slavs Cyril and Methodius. The third was found in 1947 in the Qumran scrolls, the so-called Dead sea Scrolls, which put an end to the false teachings of the magician and sorcerer Akiba Ben Joseph, because they were written several centuries before the birth of Christ.

Akiba’s God was Satan, because this is why Akiba disliked the ancient revealed religion of Moses. He hated Christianity even more. And he condemned the Jewish people to great suffering. In the year 132 after the birth of Christ, Akiba proclaimed an unknown person in Judea as the Messiah.

The same person as he is, proselyte, i.e. a Gentile who converted to Judaism, whom he called the son of David. This is the true genealogy of the Messiah was kept secret. No one even knew his real name. Everyone began to call him by his nickname – Bar Kokhba, i.e. the son of a star. Jews from all sides flocked in great numbers to Judea.

They had no doubt that Bar Kokhba was the true Messiah, because he was recommended by Akiba himself. Under the leadership of Bar Kokhba, a revolt was raised against the Romans in 132. Akiba promised deliverance to Israel, but instead brought bloodshed and suffering to the Jewish people.

The Talmud States that the new Messiah lacked piety and denied the Providence of God, saying to God: “O God! Don’t help, but don’t interfere with us.” Bar Kochba in a short time gained a huge Jewish army. He took advantage of the time of his rule to commit terrible atrocities against Christians in the regions under his control.

Since those events Ustin the philosopher wrote: “The leader of the Jewish revolt ordered only Christians to be severely tortured if they did not renounce Christ and refused to blaspheme him.” The false Messiah Bar Kokhba was defeated after three years of war.

The best commander of the Empire, Julius Severus, was sent to Palestine and brutally suppressed the revolt. Through the fault of Akiba and Bar Kokhba, rivers of innocent blood were spilled. 580,000 Jews died on the battlefields, not counting those who died of famine and epidemics.

Masses of captive Jews overflowed the slave markets in Palestine and elsewhere, where they were sold for the price of horses. Jerusalem was stormed a second time. The place where the temple stood was plowed and covered with salt.

Jews were forbidden not only to live in Jerusalem, but also to approach it under penalty of death. The people saw Akiba’s lie, his teaching, and the punishment for his deviation from God’s truth, and recognized Akiba as a false prophet, and his protege Bar Kokhba as a false Messiah.

The name “son of the star was” now converted into a Bar Kaseba – i.e., “the false son.” Akiba himself, along with his son Papius and Bar Kokhba, fell into the hands of Julius Severus, who flayed them alive. Despite the fact that Akiba exterminated millions of Jews, his teachings are still preserved.

Why? Yes, because his satanic teaching allows the world government, the rabbis through their levers (Freemasonry, the Zion movement, the satanic Church, the prazelites who converted to Judaism, the creation of the Khazars, communism, fascism) to rule the world.

Modern Satanist masons use all the spiritual heritage of Akiba. Even with a very cursory analysis of the teachings of Akiba and modern Satanists, it is not difficult to notice their similarity. Akiba defended free will without putting a limit on it. And thus denied the Christian teaching about the sinfulness and depravity of man.

And now one of the 13 entries teaches: “Remember that there is no sin – there is only desire and fear! Only they are the measure of your actions. Satan permits all so-called sins because they give physical, sensual, and emotional pleasure, ” LaVey wrote in the satanic Bible.

Akiba’s anthropology proceeds from the fact that man is not created in the likeness of God, but simply in the likeness, according to the original type, in philosophical terms – according to the idea. This opinion resulted in the teaching of Satanists about the destruction of people as the image and likeness of God, replacing them with super beings created according to the satanic idea with unlimited possibilities and power over the world.

Peoples of the world, don’t you see the connection with the now-lauded artificial intelligence? Having lost faith in the true God of Israel, Akiba believed that one should believe in one’s own power and reason, and replace God with science and worship of a higher mind. All this is also typical of satanic sects.

In General, the ideology of creation was briefly expressed by its founder albert pike: “Lucifer is God! The true religion is to believe in Lucifer, who is equal to Adonai, and to fight against him. The Chaldean Kabbalah taught all the peoples of the world to worship the forces of evil and unheard-of debauchery.”

The destructive implantation of Satanism in all its manifestations has swept the world! Occultism, magic spiritualism, ESP, drug addiction, the cult of pornography, violence, propaganda of sodomy and homosexuality causes the subordination of the individual in the lowest and most destructive forces of the spiritless world.

Akiba’s Kabbalistic teaching made the entire universe drunk with the wine of adultery and changed the consciousness of Jewish society itself. The vices that were considered by his ancestors of the Jewish and Russian people to be pernicious and unacceptable, punishable by God and the law of Moses, are now widespread in Russia, and even in the religious state of Israel.

Now in Israel, according to various sources, there are 300 brothels. According to the magazine of Jewish culture and opinion in April 1998, the country is rapidly becoming a center of the slave trade and sexual services. According to the report of the parliamentary Commission on combating trafficking in women, between 3 and 5 thousand women are trafficked to Israel every year for employment in the prostitution industry.

Hundreds of them are women and an unknown number of girls under the age of 18. The largest group of consumers of love industry services are secular Jews, businessmen or employees, as well as soldiers. They are followed by religious Jews. Even the rabbis visited brothels.

A large percentage of visitors are ultra – Orthodox Jews, so-called God-fearing people whose lives are regulated by religious laws. On Thursday afternoon, buses filled with Orthodox Jews head to Jerusalem, Haifa, tel Aviv, and brothels.

The Jews are waiting for the Messiah to give them power. But what kind of Messiah are they waiting for? What kind of soil is being prepared for it? Depraved people are easier to manage! With such a decline in the morals of the people of Israel, who can come to them? They themselves drove out God, and after that they say that the Messiah will come to the third temple of Solomon, whom they will proclaim King.

But who will they proclaim as King? History shows that with the distorted efforts of the Pharisees, the nature of the true Messiah, the Jewish people already had about two hundred Messiahs, while all the prophets proclaimed the one and only deliverer of Israel and all mankind, our Lord, Jesus Christ!

Messiah declared himself almost immediately after the suffering and resurrection of Christ Kabbalist Maximilian Magus, and after him was Theudas the first, second Theudas, Judas the Galilean, has attracted a lot of subsequent Jews. As we have already noted, Bar Kokhba was also declared a false Messiah. In 1665, he was mistaken for the Messiah by a man named Shabatai Zvi.

But he, being a Jew, accepted Islam on pain of death from the Muslims. Napoleon also claimed to be the Messiah. In 1809, he was declared the Savior of the world, although he was not a Jew. There were other false confessions. For those who expect the Messiah as King over all Nations, i.e. the Antichrist, it does not matter what nationality the Messiah will be –

Jew or not, it will be as the Lord God said: “Heaven and earth will come, but my words will not.” Let us hope that the God-chosen Jewish people, who have become victims of their false spiritual leaders, wise men-apostates, about whom the ancient prophets said: “my People!

Your leaders lead you astray, and they have corrupted the way of your banners.” When Akiba and his followers are fully aware of the depths of lies that he and his followers have dragged him into, they will deal with their religious leaders. “By their fruits ye shall know them,” said Christ the Lord himself.

And we see that the teachings of Akiba Ben Joseph and his followers brought to the whole world the fruit of lies, deceit, suffering and death of millions of the Jewish people and hundreds of millions of people of other nationalities. In order to justify God’s election, the children of Israel need to return to the saving path of their godly ancestors.

This means, first of all, to reject the Jewish worldview, which is alien to all Jewish truth, which is artificially planted among the sons and daughters of Abraham by the new Jewish sages. Read the true, intact human fictions of the Holy Scripture, announced to the world by the greatest prophet Moses the Pentateuch

Study the Jewish prophet, and make sure that all the signs of the coming of the Messiah – Jesus Christ-are true. Rabbi Isaac Lichtenstein said: “I used to think that the New Testament was unholy, that it was a source of pride, hatred, and the worst kind of coercion and violence.

But when I opened this book, I felt it take hold of me in an amazing way. Unexpected bliss and beauty, a source of light suddenly flashed in my soul! I was looking for thorns, but I picked roses. I found pearls instead of pebbles, love instead of hate, forgiveness instead of revenge, freedom instead of slavery,

humility instead of pride, reconciliation and appeasement of the whole place of hostility and malice, life, salvation, resurrection, heavenly gift. Is it a vessel of light that the Kabbalist Saul, who later became the great Apostle Paul, accepted?!”

Before 134, there were 15 bishops who headed the Christian Church in Jerusalem. The Apostle James, the brother of the Lord, Simeon, the son of Cleopas, (unintelligible), tawid, Benjamin I, Jachim I, Matthew, Benjamin II, called Philipdus, Seneca, Justus II, Levi, Ephraim I, Joseph I, Judas!

Without the temple, there is no salvation! To whom the Church is not the mother, God is not the father! His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia blessed the construction of churches not only in Moscow, but throughout Russia within walking distance.Rabbis in Moscow also took the initiative to build synagogues within walking distance.

The Lord said in the Gospel that a synagogue is a satanic gathering. Russian people and devout Jews! Who do we prefer in Russia? To the Holiest Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill or to the followers of the false prophet Rabbi Akib ben Joseph?

Glory to our God! Always, now and ever, and forever and ever! Amen!
Sredneuralsky convent in honor of the icon of the Mother of God “The Grower of Crops”