Pandemic of disbelief - Портал Схиигу́мена Се́ргия (Романова)
На русском

Schema Abbot Sergius (Romanov) May 26, 2020

Dear fathers, brothers and sisters! This is not a sermon, but a conversation with the soul of the Russian people and not only. I am outside the monasteries. I am a retired priest.

I do not violate the prohibitions of the ruling bishop. Sometimes I visit the monastery as a pilgrim. I am talking about this so that this conversation does not serve as a pretext for provocations with coronavirus for the monastery and for the sketes.

Russia has always been a strong faith. Now they are trying to break the back of the church, planting a pandemic of unbelief in order to deprive the Russian Orthodox people of grace. Priests, who are you afraid, where is your faith?

What will you tell Christ, what answer will you give us the Last Judgment? How can God’s people live without confession and communion? How will you pay taxes? Small and medium businesses have been destroyed. People have no money.

Open temples. Priests must serve. The throne will feed you. Serve as before, without disinfecting spoons and wiping them during the sacrament. How can Christ, the conqueror of death, transmit death? How can you get infected through a spoon, tell me? In the prayer at the Liturgy of the Presanctified Gifts, it is written:

“And with a clear conscience, an unashamed face, an enlightened heart of these Divine Holy Communities, and from them we are quickened, let us unite to Thy Christ Himself, our true God, declaring: who eats My flesh and sheds My blood abides and I am in him.”

How can you get infected through a spoon from Christ? Isn’t this a blasphemy against the Holy Spirit? Job the Long-suffering wife said: “Blaspheme God and die peacefully.” Now they offer: “Blaspheme God and live in peace.”

Through us priests, they try to undermine the faith, to take it away. On the reverse side of the priestly cross it is written: “Awake the image with the right word, living, love, spirit, faith, purity.” So let us be faithful to the Lord!

The Lord will never leave his children. Let me give you one example. Greece has the island of Spenelonga. From 1903 to 1957, lepers were sent to it not only from Greece, but from all over Europe. A total of 600 people with leprosy stayed on this island.

Leprosy was called a lazy death. The lepers had rotting limbs, no arms, legs, eyes, lips or tongues. The faces of the lepers were disfigured with ulcers. At that time, leprosy was the most terrible, incurable disease.

On the island of Spinalonga, the Greek church sent priests to support sick people. The first of the sent priests, afraid of contracting this terrible disease, did not allow kissing his hand, the cross, the cup, and after the communion of the lepers he poured the Holy Gifts into the laver.

After him another priest was sent – Hieromonk Chrysanthus. When he rang the bell to summon these sick people to the service, a leper approached him and said: “I want you to take communion with me, so that I can make sure that your God is almighty.”

We live on an island to die without any hope. After the communion of the lepers, Hieromonk Chrysanthus himself used the Holy Gifts at the liturgy with the open royal doors. So everyone could make sure that he was taking communion with them.

At the next liturgy, the church could not accommodate all sick people. Through the faith of the priest, the sick believed in the omnipotence of God, in the life-giving power of Christ’s holy mysteries.

For 10 years, Hieromonk Chrysanthus served on the island of death. And he did not get infected, partaking with them of the holy mysteries of Christ. To understand what is happening now, I will not talk about myself.

I will give you the opinion of two revered church hierarchs. Saint John Maksimovich and Archbishop Averkiy Taushev. Saint John Maksimovich warned that there would be a mass falling away from the faith.

And many bishops will betray the faith. Ivskaya compromise will be a characteristic mood of the people. The straightforwardness of confession will disappear. People will be sophisticated to justify their fall. And affectionate evil will keep such a general mood alive

the boys will have the skill of apostasy from truth and the sweetness of apostasy and sin.
Archbishop Averky Taushev from 1968 wrote the following. The time has come when it is more than necessary to carefully understand

who among the high-ranking pastors of the Church of Christ really serves Christ. And who has already sold out to the servants of the coming Antichrist and thereby serves the Antichrist instead of Christ. And instead of a shepherd then – a wolf, dressed in sheep’s clothing.

Especially dangerous among such false shepherds are those who, under the pretext of Christian love and forgiveness, preach the need for peace with everyone. Let us remember that peace with the Antichrist, as well as with his servants, is already a betrayal of Christ, enmity against Christ.

“For what fellowship has righteousness with lawlessness? And what communion has light with darkness? And what accord has Christ with Belial? Or what part has a believer with an unbeliever?” Even the smallest flirting with the servants of the antichrist and pleasing them with any specious purpose, is already criminal and will be in vain.

In this wicked time, those who wish to preserve the faith of Christ need most of all the fiery zeal for which the holy prophet of God Elijah was so glorified. And instead of any compromise with the servants of antichrist, a complete dislike for them is needed,

at least it threatened us with temporary death. Elijah the prophet put to death 450 sorcerers and servants of Satan. Be attentive – Mr. Gref advertises Kabbalah.

This is the doctrine of magic, sorcery, communication with demons. What’s going on now? How many coronavirus tests have been done? How many people have been infected? The same people who put us under house arrest are already warning of a second outbreak.

They will also offer vaccinations. There will be chips in the vaccine. For the masses, the vaccine will be fatal. First, there will be healing after vaccination. People will rave about this devilish “care” of the population.

But then there will be torment and death. Death is not only physical but also spiritual, that is, in eternity they will be inhabitants of hell. Be, once again, attentive! Now testing is underway, that is, infecting the heads of the army, Navy, FSB, Prosecutor’s office, police, and guardsmen.

They will have clean vaccines with chips with no fatalities. Artificial intelligence will act through chipped managers without pity or compassion. After that, they will force their subordinates to go the same way. And they will turn into punitive bodies that destroy their people.

Servants of the people, who did you swear an oath to? You are now serving the servants of the Antichrist, that is, the political leadership, the deputies, and the digitalists. Although you took an oath to protect the Motherland from internal and external enemies and serve the interests of the Russian people.

You are offered a vaccine with a chip. And then you will be voluntary suicides who live by the rule – today take everything from life, and tomorrow at least a flood. Your right to freedom and life is being taken away from you. National security adviser to the President of the United States Z. Brzezinski said back in 2009:

“The new world order under US hegemony is being created against Russia, at the expense of Russia and on the wreckage of Russia. This crisis will not end in August, September, October, 2010, or 2012. It will never end until we reach our goal. You are well aware of our goals. A unified world government is what we need.

Whether you like this idea or not, you can ask us to do it. Because it’s only going to get worse and worse. This requires much more than economic paralysis. We need wars, famines and epidemics all over the world.” Who executes Brzezinski’s orders in Russia?

Answer me. The king is coming! And soon all this obscurantist power will disappear. How can you trust a government that calls on the people who feed it to commit suicide and destroy all its moral and spiritual values?

Zionists say that the Russian people cannot be remade – they must be destroyed. This is what the political leadership of Russia is doing now, which is completely in the hands of the international government. The political situation now is such that it is not too late for the Putin coalition to resign and leave the country.

One of the leaders of the former Soviet republics said in one of his speeches that it is possible to restore order in Russia in 3 days. What does the Lord do with Libertines, fornicators and pedophiles? There was a worldwide Flood, then Sodom and Gomorrah were wiped out by a heavenly hail.

And in their place there was a Dead sea. Hitler, the protege of world Zionism, destroyed all the Masonic lodges in Germany and Europe, up to two thousand of these non-humans. For the servants of Satan, the harvest is now ripe all over the world. The devil will be the hands of the world government and their henchmen to take the lives of those who are ready for hell.

Make no mistake. For you masons living in Russia, these words are given. God is not above the will. Each person is given a choice: either you are with God, or you are with Satan. For whom or for what will the prophets Elijah and Enoch, John the Theologian, and St. Seraphim of Sarov come?

To denounce not only evil but also the bearers of evil. Everyone has time for repentance to change their attitude to God, to the Motherland and the people. Therefore, I urge you to come out of your state of fear, despondency, and despair. Leave on street. They won’t arrest everyone. The voice of the people is the wrath of God.

Satanic leadership, deputies openly talk about chipping through vaccination of the entire population of Russia. That is, the voluntary consent to go to the murder and eternal torment. Bill gates cynically declares that it is necessary to reduce 90% of the population.

His vaccines took the lives of many people. In India, 500,000 children were paralyzed after being vaccinated. And what happened in China, Pakistan, Russia, America and other countries from this satanic arbitrariness. His diabolical “concern” for the health of the population actually turns into its death.

Why are the bishops, authorities, and armies silent about this? Why is Orthodox Russia silent about this lawlessness, about the open call of a handful of Satanists to destroy almost all of humanity? Bill Gates is a global criminal who openly declares his hatred for the human race.

Isn’t he a fascist? He should be condemned as Hitler. Him and others like him in Russia who are close to Putin. Referring to the alleged concern for the citizens of Russia. They are implementing bill gates ‘ plans in our country. Isn’t this fascism, racism? They also fit the category of criminals against humanity.

The rulings of the international court of justice at the Nuremberg trials do not have a Statute of limitations. Therefore, they require us voluntary consent to the processing of personal data and the chip implantation. All this is voluntary-compulsory.

As written in the Apocalypse: “Be careful!” They are in a hurry to chip the population through vaccination – they are afraid that you will stand up for the Motherland and your children. I find it difficult to understand your criminal indifference to yourself and your children.

Denouncing evil and the bearers of evil, who are you afraid of? Law enforcement agencies, who did you swear an oath to: the Motherland or a bunch of Satanists? There is no such thing as someone else’s pain. Pain emanating from the heart of the Russian people, who were put under arrest by the satanic authorities with an imaginary concern for the health of every person.

The deplorable results of such satanic care on the face. Tens, hundreds of times more people died from tuberculosis than those affected by coronavirus. The number of suicides has increased by tens of percent. Millions of Russian citizens and migrants were left without jobs and without means of subsistence.

This is the result of satanic concern for our health, for our lives. Some of the lords say you can’t talk about a person. Enoch, Elijah the prophet, and John the Theologian will denounce the evil that resides in the Antichrist, in the servants of the Antichrist. Once again, I appeal to you, priests.

We all have to face God. We don’t know the day or hour when it will be. We take care of our body and our health. But did any of us feel sorry for the Holy Trinity, mother of God? The icons were blackened by our cowardice, cowardice, and indifference to ourselves and our flock.

Open churches to the people, serve God. God is in the Church. There is no illness or death in the Church. There Is A Savior. Archbishop Averky Taushev warned: “There is a General betrayal of our Holy faith and the Church, a deviation from the faith predicted by the word of God, a betrayal of the cross of the Lord.

The most terrible thing in our time is the extreme lies and hypocrisy. They cry loudly for the peace of the whole world, but they do not call for peace with God and with their conscience, but for peace with Satan. His minions and servants who are preparing, under the pretext of the Kingdom of God on earth, the Kingdom of the Antichrist.

This is done by people who still call themselves Christians and even have the rank of Christian priests. They call for peace with the guardians and destroyers of the Church of Christ, with the propagators of debauchery, with heretics and false teachers of every kind.

Any attempt on our part to attract to our side these powers that be, when the Antichrist and many openly or secretly fight with Christ and his Church, any attempt to slavishly serve them, do what they want, and even seek to get legalization from them, all this is a betrayal of Christ our Savior and hostility to Him.

Even if those who do so wear priestly robes. We must test ourselves whether we are not sinning this terrible, destructive sin – the sin of participating in apostasy, following the devil’s lies, instead of the truth of Christ. There must be certainty or one or the other.

If we want to preserve ourselves and our faithfulness to Christ, a great and urgent duty is imposed on us – to resolutely withdraw from everything that bears the mark of apostasy, and especially from those who are already on the path of apostasy. This is and only this is the true way.

The path of separation from the world of each of us and the entire Church as a whole, if it wants to remain the true Church. Archbishop Averky Taushev called: “Brothers, if you see that someone with a sneer, with an ironic smile on his face or with anger and irritation treats the sermon about the approach of the Antichrist,

the second coming of Christ, the end of the age and the last judgment, know that you are dealing with the person already involved in one way or another by the servants of the Antichrist in the preparation of his speedy arrival and accession to the earth. Fear such people as the destroyers of our Holy faith and Church.

At The last judgment, their secrets will be revealed and all of them, along with the Antichrist, will receive a righteous reward in the lake of fire, burning with sulfur.” He continued: “Our time is a time of confession and it requires straightforwardness, complete sincerity and conformity of deeds to words.

And if we wag, saying one thing and doing another, it is very easy to slip from the path of confession and truth to the path of its betrayal. There can be no flirting with Satan, even for the highest diplomatic reasons, among us Christians. It is absolutely in vain to wait for some supernatural miracle of God’s mercy

and over the whole world and over Russia without our participation. And this participation should be expressed in full repentance and conversion to God. We need deeds worthy of repentance on our part. The time has come for the Orthodox faith, which is being attacked and persecuted by the servants of the Antichrist.

Confessions are permanent and, if necessary, until death.” Dear fathers, brothers and sisters, remain firm in the profession of our faith. The satanic leadership of the country with all the anti-Christ environment publicly say that they serve Satan. Gref is a fan of bondage, a hotbed of magic and sorcery, the science of turning people into mindless brutes,

easy to manage. Putin admires the army, which will have artificial intelligence without pity and compassion after chipping. Mishustin, Kudrin, the Deputy corps and other digitalists who pursue a policy of fascism and racism, that is, they want to put the seal of the Antichrist on their right hand and forehead.

There is no law or court for them. Lawlessness comes upon the law. They believe that they have the most powerful defense on earth, protection from Satan and the world government. Orthodox people, where is our faith? After all, the Lord, the Creator of the visible and invisible world, says that not a hair will fall from your head without the will of God.

Satan was cast down by God into hell. Who are you afraid of? The devil and demons in human form that have no power over you? We have only one fear. This fear is neither of physical death, nor of prison, nor of torment, but there is only one fear – the fear of upsetting God by violating the commandments of God, that is, by betraying Christ!

There is no death! There is eternal life either with God in heaven or with Satan in hell. Please take my conversation from the perspective of eternity. The fearful and fearful will not inherit the Kingdom of heaven. Glory to our God always and forever! Amen. Christ is risen! Truly he is risen! Amen.