Closing temples and cowardice - Портал Схиигу́мена Се́ргия (Романова)

Sermon of Schema-Abbot Sergius (Romanov) April 25, 2020

Christ is Risen! Truly Risen! In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Dear fathers, brothers and sisters! How could it happen that we turned from Orthodox to infidels? Holy Russia, keep the Orthodox faith, in it is your affirmation.

Our Orthodox faith withstood the Jewish-Masonic oppression, under the devilish satanic onslaught, expressed in terrorist attacks, wars, torture, gulags, hunger, cold. The spirit of the Russian people has always lived in the church. The head of the church is Christ.

And no forces, either religious or political, can close churches and monasteries. Through his apostle Christ said that the gates of hell would not prevail against the church.

Under pressure from the atheist authorities, our spiritual leadership, together with the forerunners of the antichrist, are closing churches referring to a pseudo-pandemic. They cover up their cowardice.

They offer the people of God to communicate with God online. God warns that the fearsome kingdom of heaven will not inherit. His Holiness Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia refused to submit to the Jewish regime. For which he was killed in Peredelkino.

I propose those suffering from senile marasmus, senile “pandemic”, spiritual leprosy, offering the Russian people self-isolation, blaspheming God, not going to churches, evicted to Birobidzhan or to the island of Martinique or similar.

I dare to assure you that as soon as this happens, the non-existent coronavirus epidemic in Russia will end. Whoever encroaches on the closure of churches, may he and his entire family be cursed!

Here are some examples. In 1961, being then Archimandrite Filaret 0
(Denisenko) participated, together with the KGB officers, in the closure of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra. Skhiigumen Valentin then approached Archimandrite Filaret and said:

“The time will come when you will be a traitor to the church. Remember, for the fact that you closed the Lavra, God will not give you a normal death and you will die as a traitor.”

Second example. When the prophet Elisha healed the military leader Naaman, he wanted to reward, to give the prophet’s treasures. Elisha refused, saying that it was God and not him that healed. However, the successor of the prophet, his disciple Eesiah, caught up with the military leader

and on behalf of the prophet Elisha he took the payment for the healing. For wickedness, self-interest and deceit, the prophet said to his disciple Eesiah: “Let the leprosy of Naaman stick to you and to your family forever. That is, leprosy and curse will remain on all your family for ever and ever.”

This is a warning to all of us who are ordained. Russian people, now there is an organization of chaos, anarchy and disorder in Russia. And future hunger. The records of the Elders of Zion read:

“The need for daily bread forces the goyim to be silent and to be our obedient servants. When we reign, our orators will talk about the great problems that plague humanity in order to ultimately lead it to our rule.

Who would then suspect that these problems were built by us according to a political plan?” (Protocol 13). And in Protocol 10 it is frankly spelled out: “The recognition of our autocrat will come when the peoples, exhausted by troubles,

the failure of governments, we rigged, they will exclaim: “Take them away, give us one, world king who would unite us and destroy the causes of strife, borders, nationality, religion. Who would give us peace and quiet.

we cannot find with our rulers and representatives. But you know very well that for the possibility of national expression, it is necessary to constantly stir up people’s relations and governments in all countries.

in order to overwork everyone with discord, enmity, struggle, hatred and even martyrdom. Hunger, vaccinations, disease / So that the goyim do not see another way out how to resort to our monetary and complete dominion.

If we give the peoples a break, then the desired moment will hardly ever come. “I urge you all who know me to go out into the street. Do not be afraid of the police or the National Guard. They have the same families and children.

We need to plant potatoes. bread, vegetables, until hunger made you take to the streets. But then it will be too late. It is necessary to prepare for winter in spring. Go to the temples, they are not under the rulers, but under God and for the people of God.

The Satanic authorities have prepared for you the Ether bill, through which they want to place you in the electronic camp of Satan. We are deprived of our freedom, work, food and drink. They put you under house arrest.

We have not started the law. We are illegally imprisoned in self-isolation. They light up in hospitals, shops, in second-hand metro stations, in transport. They bully us mentally and physically.

All the signs of the forerunner of the Antichrist are present in our political leadership. Do not expect mercy. They want to take away the last thing we have “faith, hope and love for God. And God is in the church, outside the church, there is no salvation.

I remind the bishops to whom the menacing words of the Monk Seraphim of Sarov sound: “The road to hell will be covered with bishop’s robes.” Our modern society, in which magic, occultism, Satanism, sects,

represents the ground for the devil. In this state of decay and decay, the voice of God is again heard: “Depart from her, my people, so as not to participate in her affairs and not to be exposed to her plagues!” The voice of God calls us to confrontation.

He urges us to renounce our participation in the satanic spirit of mental Babylon, that is, modern apostasy. Forerunners of the Antichrist, false prophets are already acting on the minds of mankind.

create an atmosphere of confusion, embarrassment, licentiousness and rejection of the faithful from spiritual values. The Antichrist himself will be the culmination of spiritual wisdom. He will be perceived by deceived people as a great reformer uniting humanity.

Antichrist, a demoniac person who will display absolute evil in himself. Who, under the threat of economic isolation and a global pandemic, will voluntarily and forcibly impose the mark of the beast number 666 on the right hand of a person and on his forehead.

Whoever accepts the seal will have to worship the Antichrist. Together with the rebellion, magic, humanism, social philosophical dialectics, metaphysics, materialism, the revival of paganism, the oblivion of Christ are raising their heads.

Their fire and sword are lies, propaganda of debauchery, spreading panic and fear through the media. Together with the reformation and the coronavirus, there is a persecution of the dogmas of Orthodoxy, church sacraments and church piety,

the teaching of the holy fathers and at the same time on the social order. All this is for the ultimate destruction of Christianity. I appeal to bishops, priests, abbots, deacons. Have you forgotten that you are soldiers of Christ? Who gave you food for a comfortable life?

Our Savior Jesus Christ through our church! If you don’t open temples now and don’t receive God’s people, who will feed you? God-fighting power? Who will pay taxes for you, maintain monasteries? Before it is too late, call people to the temples to repentance.

Matushka Matronushka used to say: “You left the plow, you will come to the plow.” Satanists in Russia are preparing the next year for the hungry. While there is still time, oppose the devilish law adopted on April 17 this year on the chipping of the population as soon as possible.

First of all, the chips will be delivered to the security forces: the police, the FSB, the National Guard, the army and the navy. And people will become demons in the flesh, carrying out the orders of the devilish-satanic leadership to destroy the Russian people without pity and compassion.

Help for priests. Nikodim Svyatorets and Bulgakov, in a handbook for priests, suggested that during the plague and cholera, the sick should be given spare gifts.

As long as there is time, lords, it is necessary to bring worthy fruits of repentance and open churches to the people of God. The church is outside the state. In the temple before confession we read a prayer

“Here, Child, Christ invisibly stands accepting your confession. Do not be ashamed, do not be afraid, and do not hide anything from me, but say everything that you have done and accept the forgiveness from our Lord, Jesus Christ.

But if, what you hide from Me, you will have a deep sin. Understand that you have come to the hospital and will not go away unhealed.” God through the sacraments of the Church heals everyone from physical and spiritual ailments.

There are only 3% of us believers who come to church. And the uttermost senile madness of senile and church clergy, who placed the secular hospital above the church, which heals all diseases, both spiritual and physical.

The mill in which human destinies are ground under pain of illness and death. For fear of death they come to the Antichrist and his forerunners: the world government and the leaders of all states.

However, Sweden and Austria did not isolate themselves. But why? Answer: there is Jewish-Masonic capital in these countries. Sooner or later, hunger will defeat the fear of illness and death. But make sure it’s not too late. In winter, you get nothing but snow.

I appeal to the army, navy and all power structures of Russia. Can’t you find a person like Marshals Georgy Zhukov, Boris Shaposhnikov, and who will take on the burden of chopping off the head of this satanic hydra?

I call on the people to free themselves from the Jewish yoke in Russia. I raise the spirit of the Russian people, I strengthen the faith in you. If you miss this call and do not act, then you will lose eternity and end up in hell.

To strengthen you in your faith, to give you an indestructible will and patience, God through the Myrrh-Streaming Nile says: “When the accursed glory sees Enoch and Elijah preaching and telling people not to accept the seal of Antichrist, he will command them to seize them.

They will say that whoever shows patience and is not sealed by the seal of the antichrist will be saved, and God will certainly accept him into paradise, for the sake of the fact that he did not accept the seal. And let everyone be marked with an honest cross, creating a sign for every hour, for the seal of the cross frees a person from hellish torment: the seal of the antichrist brings a person into hellish torment.”

The Monk Abel the Seer, who predicted a number of events in the second half of the 18th century and subsequent centuries, spoke of three yokes: Tatar, Polish and Jewish.

The seer monk Abel said that the Jew would scourge the Russian land like a scorpion, plunder its shrines, close the churches of God, and execute the best of Russian people. But the yoke of the Jews will fall and the murderers of Christ will bear their punishment.

Rejoice early, enemies of Christ! God is not mocked. We are Russians, God is with us! The Orthodox Tsar is among us! Glory to our God! Now and ever and forever and ever. Amen.

Central Ural Women’s Monastery in honor of the Icon of the Mother of God “The Grower of Crops”