About the performed rite of exorcism of evil spirits from Lenin's Mausoleum - Портал Схиигу́мена Се́ргия (Романова)

Sermon by Schema-Abbot Sergius (Romanov) on October 27, 2019
About the performed rite of exorcism of evil spirits from Lenin’s Mazvoley

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit! Amen!
Dear fathers, brothers and sisters! A few years ago, I was given the opportunity to recite incantatory prayers to Lenin’s mausoleum with schema-abbot Mitrofan and others, and sprinkle the base of the sarcophagus with this idol 12 times with Epiphany water,

beginning the work of burying Lenin’s corpse and destroying the ziggurat. Through me, a damned sinner, for all of you, instilling confidence that God does not leave us for a moment without his divine help and prayer. Know that in today’s generation Lenin will be taken out of Moscow!

Until 1924, the Russian people resisted after the Revolution, and the Bolsheviks who seized power lost confidence in its preservation. Their goal is the same-the destruction of the most rebellious people in the world, as a stronghold of Orthodoxy. As soon as the ziggurat was built, the Russian people became an obedient herd instead of disobedient to the “spirits of malice in the middle kingdom”.

We must not forget that the architect Shchusev, who built Lenin’s mausoleum in 1924, took the Pergamon altar of Satan as the basis for the design of this tombstone. Externally, the mausoleum was built on the principle of ancient Babylonian pagan temples, of which the most famous is the tower of Babel, mentioned in the Bible.

In the book of the prophet Daniel written in the seventh century before Christ, said:”The Babylonians had an idol named Wil.” Isn’t it a Frank meaningful coincidence with the initials of Lenin lying on the throne of Satan?!

Many of our compatriots do not know that the mummy of Vila is contained in a mausoleum inside a satanic pentagram. Church archeology testifies:”the ancient Jews, rejecting Moses and faith in the True God, cast out of gold not only the calf, but also the five-pointed star of Remphan, which serves as an invariable attribute of the satanic cult.

Satanists call it the “seal of Lucifer”. Millions of Soviet citizens waited in line every day to visit this temple of Satan. While in the heart of Moscow is an exact copy of the Pergamon altar of Satan with the mummy of Lenin, the influence of dark forces on Russia remains.

At the moment, we must remove from the face of the earth the mausoleum along with the idol, all the busts of the leader of the Revolution, rename the streets of our cities and villages that bear the names of the Jewish Communists, as sources of violence and evil, blinding, intoxicating and introducing into the satanic charm not only the Russian people, but also all the nationalities of great Russia.

In early October of this year, Orthodox residents and all sane people of Yekaterinburg voted for the construction of the Church of the great Martyr Catherine, from which the city of Yekaterinburg began to be built, made a breakthrough in the diabolical blockade that enveloped our consciousness with free cheese in a mousetrap, a groundless promise of a Communist Paradise on earth.

From Holy Russia they wanted to make a trough for demons and cattle. This Yekaterinburg spiritual breakthrough shows that our country has a huge potential for spiritual power to transform Russia and return it to the highest crown of state administration – Orthodox autocracy.

Offer Orthodox living on the border of Russia groups of two or three people for the word of the Lord:”Where two or three are gathered in my name, there I am in the midst of them” – to pass a sacred processions with icons of the Savior, mother of God, Saints and the Cross of the Lord is the area where you live. With the transfer of this procession to others.

This is the blessing of all Russian elders. When the spirit rises on the example of Yekaterinburg, Gadarenes squealing pigs in all media. Demonic marches begin in all cities, crows fly to the Tsar’s Golgotha. But these are crows! Everything repeats as before, 100 years ago under the Emperor Nikolai Alexandrovich!

May the Lord God grant us, through the prayers of the Reverend Gabriel Urgibadze, to be irreconcilable with the enemies of Orthodoxy. on May 1, 1965, Elder Gabriel burned a twelve-meter portrait of the executioner of all peoples, Lenin, on the Communist parade, which was displayed on government square.

He doused the portrait with kerosene in front of all the people, set it on fire, and said loudly:”What is the glory for? Glory To Christ God! How can you worship this Antichrist?” The elder Gabriel Urgibadze had to be killed by the authorities for this action.

He was tortured for a long time during interrogations, then tortured in a psychiatric hospital, but endured everything, asking for help from God. I repeated it to people:”Glory adorns the Christ of God! You attributed the glory to the devil.” Seven months later, he was released and declared insane, saying that he sees Christ!

Now we are advised to talk about peace, love, and the Beatitudes. One of the most revered in the whole world, the prophet Elijah, gave death to 450 priests of Baal, pushing the people into pitch darkness, i.e. into hell! He was an ardent zealot of faith and piety, and showed us, future generations, how to deal with the servants of Satan.

What you hear in the sermon, blessed elder Nahum through the book “the Primer of words,” and elder schema-archimandrite Elijah – “the origins of evil” and what you now hear the call to destroy the perpetrators of evil, in any case does not apply to any person,

to the image of God, of any nationality, whether Russian, French, Jewish, Japanese, etc. I remind you once again – repent, for the Kingdom of heaven is coming, be baptized, believe in the gospel and you will be saved!

The main motto of the Freemasons – the death of Orthodoxy. According to Dostoevsky, “a Russian man without God is rubbish, not a man” with all the ensuing consequences for long-suffering Russia. The history of Russia from 1905 to 1946-more sinister and more terrible than the French revolution and the medieval Inquisition is beyond comparison.

After the revolution of 1917, Lenin set a course for creating a state satanic slavery, called communism. Terror and violence have become the main methods and means to achieve this goal. For this purpose, on December 7, 1917, by decree of the people’s Commissar No. 21, the Cheka punitive and terrorist organization was created in the country.

Once again, Cheka means “slaughterhouse” in Hebrew. At the head of this monstrous, satanic organization, Lenin put his loyal colleague Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky, the son of a Rabbi from the Polish village of Dezhenovo.

The tasks of the security officers was to take away, to rob, to imprison without trial, brutally torture and kill. By the improbability of the number of deaths from Communist terror, Dzerzhinsky surpassed both the Jacobins, the Spanish Inquisition, and the terror of all reactions. Russia has been drenched in blood for a long time.

The tortures and tortures that were used by the Jewish Communists against the Russian people are incalculable. Such degenerates could not be born by normal women. Are those people, or schizoid scum, fiends?

Lenin often said that the party is not a boarding school for noble girls! Some scoundrel can be all the more useful to us because he is a scoundrel. And the Bolsheviks’ addresses to each other, their political nicknames, were the most cynical, outspoken, and multi-lingual.

So, for example, Lenin respectfully called his colleague in the red terror –Trotsky (Leib Davidovich Bronstein), then Judas, then the best Bolshevik-one does not contradict the other. And who went down in history as one of the most insidious and ruthless people’s Commissars – Rosalia Samoilovna Zaltkin

(the daughter of a wealthy merchant of the first Guild, Samuel Markovich Zaltkin, better known as a Countryman) at the age of 17, she chose her own party pseudonym – Demon. About this fury of the red terror should be discussed separately. Lenin considered her a model and the most faithful guide of the red terror.

Rosalia Samoilovna received the Order of the red banner for the massacres. She was the first woman to receive this award. Rewards for what? Secretary of the Crimean regional Committee Rosalia Zemlyachka was one of the main executioners of the Crimea.

She led the brutal massacre in every city and village, sentenced to death not only officers, including those who do not take part in the battles of the disabled, the elderly, soldiers, but also civilians. Russia has never known such mass destruction of people! They were shot with machine guns – they didn’t have time to shoot with rifles.

They were cut down with checkers, drowned in the sea, barges, small vessels, hung from trees. The countrywoman repeated continuously during the day:”Shoot, shoot and shoot!”, getting satisfaction from the passion for murder. She died In Moscow in 1947. Her ashes, like many other executioners of the Russian people, are buried in the Kremlin Wall.

In order to better understand the mundane nature of one of the main organizers and performers of the red terror, Leon Trotsky, we will give some facts from his party activities. In 1918, Trotsky issued a decree on the requisition of young girls.

That is, any Bolshevik could lawlessly rape, mock, kill any girl or woman he liked. In Ekaterinodar, after the publication of this decree, the red army broke into women’s high schools, organized raids in the city garden. 30 high school girls were taken to Trotsky, who was at the time in the ataman’s Palace.

Others to the hotel, to the chief of the Bolshevist cavalry detachment Kobzarev. Another group – to the Bristol hotel, to the sailors. They were all raped. One of these victims, a student of the 5th grade of the gymnasium, was raped within five days by a whole group of red army soldiers.

After the violence, high school children were killed and thrown into the Kuban and Karasun rivers, with stones tied to their feet. Those people who tried to get their bodies after a while saw a terrible picture – the murdered schoolgirls were standing at the bottom of the river naked with their hair down.

Is it possible to call such a monster a man who issued and launched this satanic decree all over Russia and participated in all this nightmare himself? Trotsky’s life ended on August 21, 1940, in Mexico. They broke his head with an ice pick. Three days later in the newspaper Pravda

the article “the inglorious death of Trotsky” was published, signed by Stalin, which included the following words:”Trotsky was the victim of his own intrigues, betrayals.” So ignominiously did this despicable man end his life, going to his grave with the seal of an international spy and murderer on his body.

Stalin wrote:”Trotsky was finished by those whom he taught to kill from around the corner, treachery and atrocities.” Here are a few more facts about the activities of the Cheka. Under tsarism, Red executioners put their victims on a hot frying pan, and for the first time used a new type of torture – an enema made of ground glass.

The KGB invented a penalty, the so-called “potty” was tied to the belly of the pot with the rat, there is a hole with a hot nail and burned the rat that gnaws the stomach, intestines and gets out through the back. Cheka, slaughterhouse, Hebrew.

In Kiev, under the leadership of the Satanist chekist Latsis, up to 100 thousand people were killed. The main Moscow executioner Maga shot 11 thousand people in his lifetime. Historians claim that by the beginning of 1920 in Russia there were more than 1 thousand “extraordinary people” – that is, they decided the fate of people without trial.

As a terrible vampire, the “emergency” spread its networks on the territory of Russia and began to destroy the Christian population, starting with the rich and noble, representatives of the cultural class and ending with a literate peasant who was charged with a crime only belonging to Christianity.

What really happened? The great socialist revolution? No! Great? No, tragic! Socialist? No-Jew Masonic! On November 6 and 7, 1917, there was no uprising in Petrograd. On November 8, residents learned that the provisional government had been arrested and power had passed to the Council of people’s Commissars.

Almost all command positions in the Cheka were held by Jews. Listen carefully – a nineteen-year-old chekist, a Jewish woman, explains with frankness why all the “emergencies” are in their hands. “These soft-hearted Russian Slavs are constantly talking about ending terror and emergencies.

If only they are allowed to enter emergency positions in prominent positions, then everything will collapse, and nothing will remain of terror. We Jews will show no mercy, and we know that as soon as the terror stops, there will be no trace of communism or Communists. That’s why we allow Russians to go anywhere but to the emergency room.”

Earnings in the Cheka were great. The executioners received a piecework payment for each executed person. It was in their interest to execute as many people as possible in order to earn more money. Almost all were millionaires. Among the chekists there were no mentally normal people – all were distinguished by violent depravity and sadism.

They were excited by the sight of blood, by the torture. Some of them drank blood, after which the heart became “dead”. They no longer had nightmares. Others dipped their hands into it and licked their fingers. They drank with wine and champagne. Zhidomasony, Ashkenazy, Dzerzhinsky, Uritsky and others-how many destroyed!

They committed these horrors, fearing for their skins, as they, too, were shot by the world government, consisting of Sephardim. The Ashkenazi Bolsheviks responded to the Sephardic terror in Russia by committing genocide against the Russian people. They believed that this would reconcile them with the leaders of world Zionism, i.e., with the international government.

With the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and others. Not reconciled! Between 1917 and 1946, about 14 million Ashkenazi Jews were exterminated. There is no national kinship in the world government! All revolutions, civil and Patriotic wars are the bloody trail of the world government.

One of the most monstrous crimes of the Bolsheviks led by Lenin was the brutal and ritualistic murder of Emperor Nicholas II and his August family. The world government has long been preparing this atrocity.

So, back in 1907, the so-called new year’s card was issued, on which Emperor Nicholas II was depicted as a sacrificial rooster prepared by a Jewish Rabbi for ritual murder. In 1918, on the eve of the murder in Yekaterinburg to the scene of the crime from Moscow in a separate train consisting of one car, a man with the appearance of a Rabbi with a jet-black beard arrived.

What was the purpose of his arrival? Military special General, researcher Nikolai Sokolov, investigating the regicide, immediately after the Commission of this crime, and modern military expert Nikolai Smirnov and analyst Mikhail Shiryaev made the following conclusion: in the Ipatiev house, where the Royal prisoners were placed, a ritual murder was committed.

Ritual murder is the moral and ethical suffering and torment of the victims of crime. The Royal sufferers and their loyal subjects were shot in the legs to immobilize them. Then the bloodied prisoners were transferred from the basement where the crime began to be committed to the beds of their rooms on the second floor of the Ipatiev house.

And there they were tortured for 2.5 hours, after which the red looters, rapists, I don’t know what to call them, robbed, stripped all their victims, removing their jewelry. At the same time, their heads were cut off, Tsar Nicholas Alexandrovich, his August family, the Tsar’s head was all gray.

The king was gray-haired after all that he had seen that the demons in human form had done to his family! The tortured were put in cars. Some of the sufferers were still alive after the ordeal. They were finished off with bayonets. The head of the king and the heads of his Royal family as well as some of the bloodstained sheets and looted valuables were Packed in bags and boxes.

All this was delivered to the main killers – Sverdlov and Lenin, as proof that the task was completed. All the beds, as material evidence of the crime, were urgently removed from the Ipatiev house and destroyed.

The research materials of Nikolai Sokolov preserved the telegrams taken from the device, sent to the murderers Lenin and Sverdlov: “Your order is fulfilled.”

So who was the main organizer of the regicide? The ritual murder of the king, the anointed of God, and his family was planned and carried out by those behind-the-scenes forces that consciously chose their path back in Imperial times. His blood is on us and on our children!

These are the ones the Lord said: “Your father is the devil and you want to fulfill your father’s lusts. He was a murderer from the beginning and did not stand, because there is no truth in him. When he speaks a lie – he speaks his own, for he is a liar and the father of lies.” The main organizers of the regicide were Lenin (leader of the revolution),

Alexander F. Kerensky head of the provisional government since 1916 General Secretary of the great East Lodge of the peoples of Russia. In February 1917 Kerensky said: “In order to prevent a catastrophe, it is necessary to eliminate the king himself. Do not stop if there is no other way out before using terrorist, violent methods.

Yakov Sverdlov, (Ancel Moshevich Gaufman – Chairman of the Executive Committee), Yakov Yurovsky (Haimovich Yankel Yurovsky, member of the Ural Council), Shaya Goloshchekin Isaakovich (Fram Isaac – member of the Presidium of the Ural Council), Beloborodov, Alexander G. (Yankel Isidorovich Weisberg – Chairman of the Ural Council), Voikov, Petr Lazarevich (Pinkhus Weiner Lazarevich – the Commissioner of the Ural Council).

The October revolution destroyed the autocracy and caused great damage to Orthodoxy, the basis of the state and moral order of Russia. After the devilry of the October revolution, godlessness became the core of the new Soviet religion, or rather anti-religion, which has not died to this day.

Its name is communism. Lenin in this tragedy played the role of the Antichrist of the XX century. Once again, we appeal to you, people – do not repeat the history of the October revolution. It can be even more cruel when morals fall and love is impoverished.

It is necessary to release the head of Tsar Nicholas II and his August family, who are in the mausoleum, from the infernal satanic captivity. Let’s free them from satanic captivity, destroy the ziggurat, remove Lenin to the place that he deserved from Satan-Russia will definitely rise up! Earned from Satan!

We appeal not only to all Orthodox people, but also to everyone who loves Russia, regardless of nationality. We remind residents of the Urals, Siberia and the Far East – your prayers were heard by the country’s leadership and Buddhist temples were not built on Poklonnaya hill in Moscow, which they wanted to mark the seventieth anniversary of Russia’s victory over Nazi Germany.

Thanks to your prayers, the construction of the Church of the great Martyr Catherine in Yekaterinburg has begun! We ask not only for your prayerful help, but also urge you to contact all government agencies with a request to rename the streets of Russia and return them to their original names.

It is necessary to rename the Sverdlovsk region, remove the vile red executioner and Marauder Sverdlov from the glorious Urals! According to Bishop Belyaev, the root cause of the 1917 revolution was the construction and consecration of a Buddhist temple in St. Petersburg in 1905, where human sacrifices were made.

God wants us to learn from our past. Unfortunately, we don’t want to know about it, rejecting the experience of the past days with our self. We think that we are smarter than our ancestors, higher, nobler than them, and nothing like this will happen to us. The reason is God’s oblivion!

The prophet David says: “A man in honor, i.e., a man who comes in honor, did not understand this, was equal to the foolish cattle and became like them.” One example: Stalin was in exile with Yakov Sverdlov. Stalin had a dog named Yashka.

When Stalin said, “Yashka, come to me!” both the dog and Sverdlov turned around. But Sverdlov turned out to be more terrible than a dog from hell-he covered the Urals and all of Russia with blood. Until when will the Sverdlovsk region bear the name of this red geek?

Write to all instances not only from the position of civil conscience, but also from the position of a moral person who determines the fate of the whole of Russia, his homeland and the future of his children! Without God, not to the threshold!

Stalin’s will read: “I have dedicated my entire life to fighting international Zionism!» When this will became public, Stalin’s body was taken out of the mausoleum. All those who came to Russia with the slogan “Freedom, equality, brotherhood” – churches, mosques synagogues, etc. Everything that was subject to belief in God was destroyed.

Only the satanic mausoleum was left. The great Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov warned: “A nation that does not know its past has no future.” Archimandrite John Krestyankin said: “the Voice of our true pastors, who strive to live according to the precepts of the Holy new martyrs of Russia, denounces the Bolshevik lie.

And such an ecclesiastical rebuke is by no means a policy, but a word established on the unshakable truth of God.” Pointing out the unchangeable satanic nature of the Communist pseudo-religion, the Church only fulfills the Christian teaching and moral duty!

It never interferes in any processes, does not have and does not express any partiality for political and social movements, parties and doctrines. The Church is always out of politics and always out of this world! But the Communist teaching and its preachers are not a political phenomenon, but a spiritual, God-fighting and anti-Christian one!

And here the Church cannot be silent! Here is the area of her Christian opposition to the forces of hell! Here is the field of her spiritual battle for human souls! We will remove these geeks from the territory of Russia, destroy digital identification, and get out of electronic slavery!

Glory to our God! Now and ever, and unto the ages of ages! Amen!

Sredneuralsky convent in honor of the icon of the Mother of God “The Grower of Crops”